Ancestor's Mistake Cover Picture

Ight so long long ago... in eighth grade I wrote my Magus Opus, or my masterpiece, "Ancestor's Mistake" a book. Originally eleven pages. Last year I picked it up again and decided it would be my masterpiece, since then I've been rewriting it, and let's just say eleven pages doesn't even count for chapter friggin one! Anyway I digress, Ancestor's Mistake is my story that touches all kinds of Mythology and folklore (There is a different) Egyptian mythology is the main though seeing as the main character, Benjamin Keto is an Egyptian. It dabbles in Greco-Roman myth, Chilean folklore, Norse Mythology, a mixture of all kinds, and actually ends with Christianity. Or at least the belief in one true God. This is a rough image of the cover photo, if anyone wants to revamp it, please do so, just keep the symbols.
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