A Thief's Tool: The Dactyl Picture

In Greek mythology, the Dactyl were demons believed to live on Mount Ida in Phrygia. They were considered to be the first metallurgists: they discovered iron and the art of working metals by fire.

A tool/weapon I designed for my character Keto. She was the daughter of a famous thief and inherited this tool he created. It's multifunctional though the primary purpose is assisting in climbing. There are multiple handles and extra grips for a variety of surfaces. It comes in two pieces, the main one and a separate smaller version used for climbing and as a grappling hook.
It can either be held by the user from any of the handles or, for extensive climbing, can be attached to the arm via belts.
The claws can also be used for prying open windows, doors, chests, etc.
It's meant to be somewhat crude. I'm sure over time the design will be more modernized. But for now, it's like this.

Can also just be a weapon if you wanna bash someone with it. Ya know.

-cough- I'm terrible with weapons... I don't think there's a weapon or tool out there similar to this. I didn't really use any references aside from like grappling hooks.

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