Hi Picture

She is a new OC from me.
And she was stuck in my head for the whole week.
Please ignore the wrong spelling of words.

I gonna eventually mke a complete refsheet for her
And draw her propperly cause im still not satisfied with her look.

Name: Ker
Gender: Female
Hight: 7'0''(214 cm)
Whight: 440 lb (200 kg)
Age: (did forgot to count)
Species: Arteficial Human
Weapons: brass knuckles

Strengthes: very strong, Thick skin, light regeneration, goo like blood, extreme high pain tolerance

Weakness: rather slow, her curiosity, body destuctive behavior

In Greek mythology, the Keres (singular: Ker) were female death-spirits
They were described as dark beings with gnashing teeth and claws and with a thirst for human blood. They would hover

over the battlefield and search for dying and wounded men.

She is an arteficial Human
Who was created by an Small organisation with the goal to create an army of unstoppable warriors caled "Project

they run every method on her to make her into an efficient killer (hypnosis mindcontrolling microchips ect).
And even though every treatment they did with her Worked, something like curiosity awakened inside of her mind.
The awakened curiosity got so far that she wanted to know if she could remove all the restrictions they gave her by

When the Scientists noticed that she had infact removed every single barier they implanted in her mind along with

the microchips to keep her in check it was already to late.
After a few seconds she got cornerd by a smal grop of soldiers and a soldier made the mistake and said:
"Dam those scientists. One day one of their creations will destroy the whole Organisation"
That was all she needed for trying to destroy the Organisation".
The whole facility with all members of the Organisation made boom after she activated the Selfdestruct button.
Since then she traveld around the world out of curiosity and doing one Stupid thing after another.

With her rather thick skin and goo like blood smal wounds like made from a small gun or knife won't threat her life

(if there are only few of them) but the wounds will sill bleed and will take about a day for healing (brain and

interior organs included).
However she will die if her head or heart gets too much of damage.
Her basic fighting style is: got to opponent ignore all injuries beat the shit out of him and sew all wounds

together after the fight.
Its not so rare for her to sew her arm or leg back on her body after a fight.

She has always that smirk on her face and never gets angry about something
and she is compleatly aware of being artificial and that she could die someday from her curiosity but she couldn't

care less about such minor things.
she is Neither good nor bad but knows exactly the difference between them but simply doesnt care.

Also around her you should choose your words carefully cause if you tell her that she shouldn't do something (like

to press a button) you can be ashured that she will exactly do that within the next few seconds.
But it can go wrong for you too, for instance:
once a guy she fought said that she wouln't survive a fall out of this high.
So she got curious if he would die too so she grabbed him an jumped down.

Her hair looks like this because she wanted to know if she could cut her hair without an mirror and she is currently

trying how long she can stay awake (20 days have passed since).
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