Hiccups: Toddler Audrey Picture

Spirit: In a time where many women were slated for a quiet life at home or a servile life in the factories and various other sweatshops across America, one factory worker from Lowell, Massachusetts in the mid 18th century, became determined to rise above the poverty she was born into. She used her stunning good looks to ensnare unsuspecting men whose pockets were deep and their spines weak. She used these men for their money as well as their connections with wealthier men. Once she had taken all she could from the man-of-the-month, she would simply wait for the next one to come, and they inevitably did. One of the men that she seduced happened to be the leader to a secret cult that worshipped the Keres from Greek Mythology. One night, she was taken from the bed she shared with him and sacrificed to the gods. Her throat was slit and she was cut open from throat to navel so that her blood would flow over the alter and the Keres could feast.
Vessel: Rafflesia

Character (c) Tempest
Art (c) me
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