Ker'cera for Maidens 09 Picture

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This is my initial entry into the Might of Maidens 2009 contest.

Character name: Ker'cera
Height: 6' 2"
Weigth: 925lbs
Category Chosen: Standard Pose

Boring background info:
The Lomax Space Station is effectively a world of its own. Its primary means of generating cash is via betting on the gladiatorial games that are run in its numerous arenas and stadiums. In an effort to provide fresh meat for the gladiatorial grinder without having to hire or kidnap prospective fighters, they turned to genetic engineering. Samples of DNA are rigorously experimented on and altered in order to produce beings who are strong and tough.

Ker'cera was part of a particularly productive batch based on human DNA. She was successful in her first three matches, and then escaped from the space station with the help of NQHR (not-quite human rights) activists. While the managers of the space station weren't happy at losing a big ticket performer, the high turnover inherent in a gladiatorial system made it just another cost of business for them. Now free to do as she pleased, Ker'cera became a bounty hunter. In this part of space, that equates to a mercenary, someone willing to do pretty much anything (captures, beatings, killings, kidnappings) for cash. The NQHR activists are not entirely pleased at this turn of events, but in the interests of self-preservation, they decided to leave well enough alone.

Vital info:
Ker'cera's full name is... Ker'cera. The geneticists who created her knew that they had a special one on their hands, and gave her a name that refers to greek mythology- Keres were death spirits, and Cer is the personification of violent death. This proved to be an appropriate name for her.

Thanks to genetic engineering, Ker'cera's senses are slightly sharper than those of a normal person, though not by a great amount. She is also blessed with extremely dense skin, bone and muscle, which accounts for her high weight at such a relatively short height. She is stronger than average, perhaps twice as strong as a highly-developed human (ie, she could probably bench press 2200 lbs on a good day). She is an excellent fighter with good reactions, but her heavy weight and dense body make her slower than a trained fighter would be. While her skin is very tough, it's not impregnable, and she is susceptible to cuts and other wounds.

She does not have a specific outfit that she wears. What she is wearing in the picture above is a fighter's harness, which is made of an extremely resilient material, tougher than kevlar. As can be seen, the material molds itself and adheres to human skin, making it good as a protective material. It's pretty painful to take off, though, and wearers are strongly advised to remove any body hair in the affected areas before putting it on.

Ker'cera is generally of quiet and (surprisingly) non-aggressive disposition. Having never been shown kindness or gentle care during most of her life, she responds very positively to such simple things as a smile and a friendly greeting. Taking an aggresive stance towards her is not advisible! Thanks to her gladiatorial training, her response to a perceived threat is to "disembowel first, and ask questions later." By the time you manage to squeak out something like "wait, I didn't mean--," your arms have probably already been ripped out of their sockets. And nothing says 'awkward moment' like Ker'cera standing in front of you, with your severed arms in her hands, blushing and apologizing for the misunderstanding.
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