Athena Keres Picture

An original character of mine, the main character of my novel/comic book. Yes, that's right there's a slash between novel and comic. I'm writing a novel and drawing a comic that runs along side it. What? It's good business that way, you know? Hitting up two different audiences and doubleing your profits!

Anyway, background for this character is that she's the daughter of a female Demon named Keres and a Samurai Warrior Muteki. Muteki I believe means Invincible, and Keres I believe were the name of female spirits in Greek Mythology or somehing like that... Anyway, she's half demon half human, and the main character. All throughout the novel, she's trying to find the powerful demon that slaughtered both her parents. This is her in her demi-form, I guess you can call it. She has three actual forms, one being a full human desquise, where she rids herself of the demon tatoos on her cheek and her eyes change slightly. I don't have the coloring finished really, as you can see since their all one color right now, but those are just a basis. I'm just glad I finally got one of my characters down on paper finally. An artist's critique is very much welcomed
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