Kera Picture

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Hmmm... finally, I've started to draw my Daemones/Daimones.
This is a character of mine and - just like all of her "family" - she's a Greek-mythology-based persona.

But yes - which Greek diety she is? I know this might be difficult, she doesen't look like a mythological Kêra/
Ker (she's not even in a battle-mode) and I made a single Ker not a horde of Keres.
But anyone who would tell me WHO or of WHAT personification Kera is... will be given a candy
I didn't plan to finish it, I thought it would be only a sketch or something - but I got a very strong vein. I like it, though there was no reference used - so don't beat me if you see too many flaws ^_^;

2H to 3B pencils on A4 Canson paper

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