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Alright Story Time!

Keres lived in Ancient Greek times (so she's super ooooold). She was considered one of the most beautiful women of her time. Some saw her as a god, or a daughter of a god. Though her beauty drove men away, they were scared of her, they felt unworthy. Keres was alone most of her life, she had no mate or husband. After she died, she was full of so much hatred that she never left the earth, she did not go to heaven or hell basically. As a ghost full of hate, she tortured people by offering her services to the special few that could see her. By offering her services she means fusing with them, creating a mark on their body symbolizing power. (So basically she was used for power to give people what they want) Usually the power left them corrupted and insane, and at that point she would drag them to their death. She did this until she met my character or my characters parents for that matter. They were smart with being able to see Keres, they did not take her offers until my character was ya know… being made. They took the opportunity to fuse Keres with her, so she was born with the powers. (Backing up a bit, Thomas [My character's older brother] was fused with a different ghost, he was/is more powerful and has a wide variety of power) Keres agreed with the deal that since their daughter (my character) would have powers, she would go to "sleep" and not to disturb them for 30 years. 27 years later she starts toying with my character, threatening her and trying to corrupt her even farther. My character when she was 16 got her powers restrained because she hated the idea of it and she didn't want to be like her brother (even though she looked up to him and loved him dearly) she wanted to be normal basically. Keres threatens to take away her powers, but she has to break the seal first. If she does break the seal 11 years of restrained powers bursts out and could possibly kill my character (which is I guess what she wants…). Well that fails… Keres is forced to give up for now….

Oh, and the black marks on her modern dress represent all the souls she has taken.

None of this story is actually in mythology, I made it up and put a "lot" of thought into it… So if you read it, CONGRATS! YOU GET 10 FREE HUGS!

Alright, I hope you're having a fantastic day!! <3

Art © of *Graceafur

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