Chara Picture

This is my chara. Her egg was actually really hard to make!

Name: Bast (Egyptian name meaning "Devourer". In Egyptian mythology Sekhmet *closely associated with bloodlust, death and vampiric behaviour* was closely related with the warrior goddess Bast.)

Personality: Proud, prideful, somewhat arrogant, confident, blunt, commanding, elegant, aristocratic, vain, protective, stubborn, sadistic, sly, manipulative, possessive, persuading, wise, a bit mean and cruel.

Abilities: All the basic abilities a Chara has. Can manifest vampire bats to attack and/or distract enemies.

Chara-Change: A diamond like Bast's appears on Sarah's cheek and small black bat wings appear on her back. When Sarah Chara-changes with Bast, she becomes more outgoing, prideful and a bit more sadistic then she already is. She also tends to fawn over scary things as if they were the cutest thing in the world. When the Chara-change ends, Sarah is completely embarrassed by what she's said and/or done and always has a embarrassed blush for awhile afterwords.

Voice: (English) Cherami Leigh *In the role of Iris Heart from Hyperdimension Neptunia* (Japanese) Manami Numakura *In the role of Yurika Tōdō from Aikatsu!*

Singing voice: (English) Christina Aguilera (Japanese) Moe Yamazaki

Theme: Sadistic Vampire made by Vocaloid, sung by TBOE >… <

Bio: Bast was born from Sarah's wish to be like a vampire and to be able to show her love of creepy, strange, scary and dark things. She cannot yet do a Chara-nari with her, but Bast speculates it's because of Sarah's insecurity with herself in power, fearing that she would fail and never be able to do it because of the impression it would make on both her self-confidence and herself as a fighter. Bast's egg appeared during the 13 Ghost adventure Sarah went on with the Sly Cooper gang and friends, causing quite the big surprise. Bentley theorized that because of Sarah's great love for the supernatural, she unconsciously made the wish that brought Bast into existence.

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