Si Pitung, The Thief Picture

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Third installment of the Batavica series!

Pitung (or sometimes stylized as Si Pitoeng) is a historical figure in Indonesian history, specifically the 19th century Jakarta (back then was known as Batavia)


note: 'Si' in 'Si Pitoeng' is the Indonesian equivalent of 'the'; so it means The Pitung. Also, 'oe' in 'Pitoeng' is the old Indonesian letter equivalent of the letter 'u'. His name is pronounced "See-Pee-Toonk"

According to historical texts, Pitung was the do-good-deed thief of Jakarta; the Indonesian equivalent of Robin Hood from the western tales. He pillaged towns and villages ruled by the Dutch (This was during the invasion of Indonesia under the Dutch East Indies colony); and share the treasures and money to the poor. People look up to him as a hero of justice.

Along with his comrades - Dji-ih, Rais, & Jebul; the band of thieves rose to fame; until finally he got caught by the stationed police officer, A.W.V. Hinne. There was a lot of mixed informations about the incident; Pitung family was taken as hostage to draw him out, he was betrayed by his own comrades, and also a version that tells that Pitung's strength & invincibility come from a magical talisman and Hinne was told of the secret to disarm its powers.

His tale of courage and bravery was then adapted into plays, 'lenong' (Indonesian-style musical), ballads, and poems of the present day to commemorate his heroic deeds.


I decided to adapt his 'Robin-Hood' attitudes and characteristics into the RPG-staple class, Thief. He possessed the ability to steal rare items and Rupiah (stylized as 'RP', currency in Batavica) from his targets. He can also inflict Poison status against the enemies and let the party flee from difficult battles. The passive skill, Rupillionaire also enables the party to earn more RP from the triumphant battles.

In combat, he is equipped with two Kris daggers on each hands; Dji'ih the Black Blade and Salihun the Mist Blade. Both Kris shares the same design which indicates the strong bond between him and his loyal companion, Dji'ih (his only comrade who didn't betray him to the Dutch police in the historical records). Also, Salihun is Pitung's birthname.

Pitung is depicted as a strong and muscular man in his thirties. His hair is dyed in dark navy color and cut short, gelled to the back. His iris are tinted in blue color and he kept his beard unshaved.

The red trench-coat he wore takes its design from the cultural attire of the groom in Betawi race & tradition (the natives of old Batavia/Jakarta); although the original attire is much only waist length. Pitung's coat is dyed in red and have the sleeves tore off; probably during the untold battles Pitung have faced. Hanging from the pockets and tied to his buttons are a chained pendants, crafted from gold; also a homage to typical Betawi groom's accessories.

As a protection, Pitung wore a high-waisted pantaloon, wrapped by a sarong, and tightened with a leather belt. The pattern on his sarong is a Batik called 'Parang Rusak' (literally, broken machete); a pattern reserved for the Royalties.

Although the pattern comes from another province of Indonesia, which is Yogyakarta, I chose this pattern for Pitung because it fits with the 'dagger-wielding' theme and the Batik itself tells a story of a courageous spirit of the ocean crashing and destroying the dagger-shaped crags of the shore.

He also dons belted pockets on each arms to store stolen items and potions. As a protection, he wore a pair of plate vambraces and a matching pair of greaves with gold-coated lining. Triangular shape on the elbows and wrists part of the vambraces is also double as a weapon when he had to fight unarmed without his Krises.


Modelled & rendered in Blender

Pitung : 2542 tris
texture maps 1024x1024 x4 for Diffuse, Alpha, Mirror, & Specular maps

dual Kris; "Dji'ih" & "Salihun" : 220 (blade) + 100 (sheath) x2
texture maps 512x512 x4 for Diffuse, Alpha, Mirror, & Specular maps

note: Since BGE doesn't suppost real-time mirror rendering, the Mirror maps serves as a Stencil texture and I placed a HDRi probe mapped to Reflection to fake reflection on the armors.
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