:|I See You!|: Picture

To give Isaac and his Mythology a greater Introduction to the depths of my Characters, I figured that it was a logical solution to Draw him in the Digital Media rather than that of the Traditional, so you may become familiar with his Color-Coding and Behavior alike. Of course, considering the fact of the matter that School is obnoxious with the amount of Work I am given to complete, I unfortunately was only capable of creating a Journal Doll rather than a Full-Piece as I would have wished. It is still acceptable otherwise, correct? Now he is Animated! 8D Heh, that is honestly all that I can say concerning this piece. Oh! Except for a slight challenge!: Who here amongst my Watchers, is capable of telling me what Mood Isaac is expressing with his Green-Iris? O:

Ahh! I hope you all took pleasure in viewing!

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