P4 - Lien Yaten Persona Holy Aubade Picture


Name: Tinulian Belain (Holy Aubade)
Arcana: Lovers
"A divine deity - a song of light and grey who brings peace to troubled hearts and healing to wounded souls. It is said she is shy and innocent bringer of peace."
- Persona Compendium
Other info: Daughter of Galadlian Belain (Holy Iris) and Ringel Belain (Sacred Comet)

Lien's Persona in the game is Holy Aubade - the single horn comes from Sacred Comet's Dragon Mask (which had two horns) and Holy Iris' mask which lacked horns. Much like her personality, Aubade dresses like a Princess, complete with a crown of stars reflecting her parents. However, she is hidden in the glass-like shell of the universe - much of it broken, but held together by the solar system worlds in front of her. Lien is very shy - and Aubade reflects that by hiding behind what remains of her infant shell; using it as a shield against the outside world. Aubade is from the Lovers Arcana.

In the game, Aubade is the scanner that replaces Greg when he gains his persona. If you build and encourage her right during her social link, she can focus on abilities that heal and recover in crisis, or on abilities that pinpoint enemy weaknesses, or a balance.

Notes: Holy Aubade is the common version of her Elven mythological name, shown here.

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