The 71st Hunger Games Picture

My cartoon-version of the characters in a fanfiction I'm going to be writing soon - a crossover between the Hunger Games and Percy Jackson and the Olympians!

I am writing two crossovers - in one of them, the characters are completely original and follow more of the plot of the Hunger Games, with an arena, districts representing one god or goddess, and the Capitol and whatnot, with mythological creatures thrown into the arena!

However, in my other one, the book has more relation to PJO. Demigods will be thrown into the arena to fight off to the death!


FIRST ROW: Skylar, Merryweather, Talos, Phoebe, Blaze and Sophina.

SECOND ROW: Arlen, Iris, Matren, Esther, Fraud and Calamity.

THIRD ROW: Remedian, Symphonia, Beau, Moura, Sloan and Terra.

FOURTH ROW: Valkoor, Luna, Olivero, Liquor, Morgrim and Fallon.

© - Lunaii Dollmaker
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