Messy Libraries Picture

'Tis I, Yuni! I have made another motivational. My friend was over and we were watching Soul Eater while collaborating on a cross over fic and a sequel to a fic regarding Blair, the SE cast, and kitties.

The crossover... I don't remember what the cross over was, but the other anime was one I'd never heard of and it kind of reminded me of Quantum Leap... because there's a scientist called Dr. Irie and he's more like Al, the hologram from the series of QL, than anything else. That, and, based off of my knowledge from off the street and the web, to me it's also a cross between Soul Eater and Hunger Games, plus some Greek mythology... Eh... But that's beside the point...

It happened to be my turn to write the SE characters' dialog and actions, since SE is fresh in my mind, and for her, the odd anime was more fresh in her head. So... on "800 Years Blood Lust, Advent The Heretic Witch?" in Netflix, I paused at random and it stopped at this picture of Stein looking through books. Man... there was a wall around him... So~! I made this just to poke fun at Stein and the fact that he made such a mess~!
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