Ref::Lupin Picture

Just kind of a silly ref for my OC, Niles Jay Lupin.

He's a shape-shifter, but he has limits to what he can and can't do, because turning into anything is a little too easy.

Age: ???
Personality: Clever, optimistic, but easily moody or depressed. He's never one to upset a person, but if it comes to that he will make someone feel as if they want to die. At the same time, his feelings are easily hurt and he tends to sulk and hold grudges. While he is very nice and charming, he tends to spread it on a little too thick when first meeting a lady, but there are reasons behind that.

Story: He's one of the deities of The Afterlife! Known as Coyote or Anubis, his personas in mythology are almost always canine. Now, he oversees the reincarnations of each spirit as he sees fit.
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