The Liesmith Picture

My version of Loki from the artbook project for my 2D Design class a year or so back.

Skinny and pointy. He has the over-sized boots because they were part of his original design but also because they worked quite well with Hiccup in HTTYD (which came out after I had to do this project) for emphasizing the small size of the character himself.

This is Loki’s Aesir form, his standard form when interacting with the other gods and with humans. His hair resembles fire because I’ve often seen him referred to as god of fire as well as mischief. Or at least he has a connection to fire. Also he apparently has connections to air as well? Anyway, he does have another form, the one he was born in since he was at least half-giant. That one I’ll draw later. But his Aesir form shows hints that he is not entirely one of them: slightly pointed ears, solid yellow eyes with barely visible iris. He also has the Berkana rune on his cape pin and a lot of call-backs to its shape in his outfit because apparently it references him in one version of the rune poem?

And the stormy grey-ish blue color of his outfit is both a reference to Odin (Loki’s blood-brother) who, I have read, often wore a grey-blue traveling cloak, and a reference to Loki’s father, Farbauti, who I can only find references to as a storm giant (though I could have sworn I saw a bunch of references to him as a frost giant (not Marvel either, real legit references) not long ago, I wonder where those went…)
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