What's in the dark? Picture

My entry for the #AllArt-AllHeart contest based on fear!

For the contest I used the group mascots Skye, Jade, and a genderbent Iris (now Osiris cause egyptian mythology and whatnot. I'm a dork so I thought it was a cool name) So basically I spent my fair share of time coming up with thumbnails on what I should do. The one that stood out the most was this one. Might it be because it was in a cave, or because it reminded me of scooby-doo. Or maybe just because of how dark the surroundings are. (This was intentional and if you bring the brightness up in the picture you can See that I did put bats and the cave-cicles that hang from the ceilings ) I'm proud with how it came out. For me it really does resemble fear because I'm not afraid of the dark and lack of light itself, but what looms in it. And really the fear derives from the human curiosity that We have to know what is there for our own security and well being.... Idk. I liked it ANYWHO!

Osiris, Jade, & Skye (c)
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