Arke--The Lost Rainbow Picture

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Arke (Arce) was the twin sister of the rainbow-goddess
Iris in Greek mythology. It was often thought that she was associated with the faded second rainbow that can at times be seen in the wake of the original.

Onto the story:
During the great Titan-Wars, as Zeus raged against his father and elder family, Arke and her sister chose to fight on opposite sides. Iris became messenger for the Olympian gods and Arke fought with the Titans. When the battle was won, leaving the Olympians victorious, Zeus cast Arke and her comarades into Tartaros, stripping her of her wings, giving them later to Achilles.

Personal Interpretation: I cannot bring myself to think of this fallen warrior as a bitter and pathetic creature, eternally pining away for the loss of her wings. Instead, I see her plotting her escape, serene and tranquil in the knowledge that she fought to the best of her abilities, and that the events of the past will not control and twist her, but it is she who will control them through her reactions.

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