IrisAyame Dreg Picture

So... going to do some Hanafuda cards for every current month. Currently it is May. So, I'll be doing Iris/Ayame for the cards that shall end up being added to my works.

That means I have another dreg, a ribbon and a bridge to do up.

Been researching Japanese Mythology and shit so that my cards are not boring as all fuck, and have some interesting stuff in them. Seems starting with May's suit makes the most sense.

This is part of a prophecy that I just made the fuck up... that anybody who makes a set of Hanafuda cards... then produces a video game around a major comic book and cartoon character, but puts forth their own characters when they cannot get the rights to that character and then their new characters get sued for copyright infringement by yet another property... then you will be given the world for you to rule over.

Not certain if that is how Dread Lord Miyamoto gained his thrones... in fact I am fairly certain it is not... but hey... learning another culture, making cards... and possibly initiating a totally bullshit prophecy I just made up.

This is likely something I will repeat next May... because my skills would have gotten better, and thus can make better cards for this.
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