APH nyo: Nordics Picture

OMG i'm like so excited, it feels like i haven't uploaded in like forever. DA seems so familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time. firstly, i'd like to apologize for the uber late submission. i just almost finished term 2, barely, really. i hope you guys still remember me. :>


NOR- my first design of the lot, which coincidentally is my fave. i did research, i really am not familiar with the nordics, don't bash me, and found out that norway here can see mythical creatures. decided to base her outfit on scandinavian mythology's elf. major inspiration is norway's national flower, purple heath. hence the colour. another seethrough dress! 8D

inspiration from [link] & DIOR A/W '11-12

FIN- in the working pic she was actually beside Su-san, but i needed to balance the final presentation, oh well. IDK, i do apologize, although sufin is my nordic OTP they're the couple i had no idea what to work on. today, we went to the city and i saw this really cute hoodie, bear scarf. you can use it as mittens as it has mittens attached to both ends of it. it's really cute!!! can't afford the $99 price tag :< since the brown bear is finaland's, correct me if i'm wrong, national animal i used it as inspiration. the bottom puffy dress brings cuteness along with the ribbons. added leg warmers too, idk she looks gyaru now. the skirt shape reminds me of snowy mountains with lights on em. HAHA. lace and pearls accents at the bottom.

DEN- second favourite. i'm a great fan of norse mythology, wanted to make den's outfit Loki inspired and su-san's Odin. but changed my mind cuz, i think denny should be king :3 /shootmenowprz. i love the antlers, idk, reminds me of one of mcqueen's masterpieces, also gives this sense of power. haha. ALSO! I DREW BOTH HER FEET! congratulate me!

inspiration Mcqueen A/W '10-'11, Marchesa A/W '11-12

SWE- huge apology to ~TheBananafly she helped me loads in the research part but this was what i produced D8. ok all i really zoned into was that they're apparently really practical. i know the outfit hardly looks practical but, really, it's the least embarassing to where out on a normal day out of all of this. fur for insulation, fur hat, fur skirt. what fabric goes with fur? leather-ish gloves, really edgy. haha. "OTL i'm sorry.

reference to Mcqueen Resort '11-12

ICE- what to say? ice queen. silver and millenium blue colour scheme. i really like this one too. ok no research, bimbo outfit but srsly, it does fit :3 haha /lazy. snowflakes detail on the hem line of gown and the neck line. it's got pearls as well. shiny chiffon outer layer. really willowy and ghostly.

inspiration from Mcqueen's iris dress, forgot which season.

sigh, finally done it. srsly i don't feel confident at all! it's just that i haven't posted up in so long, i haven't drawn as well. i feel really rusty. T-T

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