Hermes Turnaround Picture

For an animation I'm going to work on. Featuring Hermes as the main character.

To be honest, Hermes is my favorite of all the Greek Gods.

Hermes got into trouble in Mount Olympia, so Zeus kicked him out. He also dragged Iris into it too, so she's falsly kicked out as well. After so, evil creatures plot to take over Mount Olympus. Hermes and Iris see this, but they cant go back. So Hermes plans to go down to Earth and ask the Mortal Armies to assist. And that's where the adventure begins.

I went with some classic features, but went with my own. I picture him with some wild hair. The scarf adds an 'aviator' look to him, since he can fly. And of course, his satchels of letters to deliver. I didnt give him his helmet, head wings, or his staff. A simpler design will be a lot easier to animate.

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