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The Heart of Gloomsville 41

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Frank and Iris was seating and talking. By the way, Frank couldn't bring the theme of talk to the romantic subject. He never was shy guy, but now he couldn't do it.
- Interesting, there is Skullboy? -- Iris asked, - He went away long time ago. May be, we must look for him?
- May be. -- Frank agreed and stand from the stone.

Suddenly they saw, that sky became brighter, and the wind blow away clouds and the fog.
It seems, that the town Gloomsville backs to normal again.
-Hei, that's cool! -- Iris cried happily, - Something good is happening!
Frank was happy too, but next moment he felt, that he can hardly breath.
-And something bad is happening too. -- he said and seat on the ground, putting hand on his chest.
-Frank, whats with You? -- Iris seat near him.
-I don't know, but I feel bad... - he said, - I think, that is because something bad happened with Len...
-Oh no, what can I do to help You? -- Iris asked, - I must go and find someone?
-No, Iris, please, don't go away! -- he stopped the girl, - I must say something impotent to You.... I prefer to die , saying it...
-No, Frank, don't say such words! I don't want You to die! -- she shook her head.
-Iris, I must say it many days or months before, than we had time. I love You, Iris, You are most fantastic girl, which can exist in all the world! I really love You, sorry, that I didn't say it before.
-Oh, Frank... - tears appeared on Iris's big violet eye.
She didn't know what to say, and have no time for it, because Young man lost consciousness.
-Frank, return, please! -- Scared Iris began to shook him.
-Iris, don't cry... - she heard Sphinx voice near her.

Orange-yellow lion with the humans face (sad, but not despairing) stand near her. Cyclopes hugged him, whining.
-Mister Sphinx, Frank is dying! And, not only him, they both are dying... - I don't know why, but I feel, that I already lost someone, who was very close to me. I' n ready to do everything to make Frank alive again, but I don't know what I can do...
-Iris, it is not the end... - he said, - I came to bring You and Frank to his brother and to one more of Your friends. I think, it can help, even I don't know how... Dry Your eye, young Iris...
-You know where is Len and someone else? That's good, let's go there. -- she smiled and went to Frank. She took guy on hands and sat down on the Sphinx back. It was not hard to young cyclopes, who can lift on hands her pat Sqig, gigantic warm, who weighs as a grown horse.
They flew to Len and Misery...

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(The events of this history are invented and never took place in “RG” world ))

All the characters of “Ruby Gloom” (c) Nelvana,
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