Hope Picture

Recently I got prismacolor art sticks and while I thought they were like pastels, they are like color pencils, but in a stick form. Anyways this picture features Ayame my Bleach OC and in a sense me in a way. It has lots of symbolisms here...and I'll tell you a bit of it.

Ayame is depressed and opens a gift randomly given to her, only to reveal Shin Hikaze her bankai as a butterfly(Shin usually appears like that). Shin symbolizes hope and color, splashing the world with it. "Ayame" the name in Japanese means Iris. I took Iris to another level as in Greek mythology, Iris was a messenger and personification of a rainbow. Hence all the colors....o_O

So....this really means, I'm depressed, but I have hope that provides me strength and color in my world, thanks to my family, friends and my faith. <3

Yea...random, I know. Trying a different art medium while illustrating my emotions.
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