OneIris: The Nascence of Nanshe Picture

"OneIris: The Nascence of Nanshe"

Acrylic, pastel, ink, pencil on bristol mounted to 24x36" cradled board. 2012. (approx. 260 hours)

(commissioned painting, vision conceived during the June 2012 Venus Transit)

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Nascence is coming to being, becoming, birth. The nascent ascent.
Nanshe, Sumerian goddess of sea-sky, oneiromancy, entheogenesis, ethics and caregiving social justice in the community. Oneiromancy is Greek for "dream divination" and Oneroi is "dreams".

Iris, Greek goddess, personification of rainbows and messenger of the divinities (mind-energy archetypes). She links divine mind to humanity.
OneIris implies one ring of consciousness, perception made possible by the light of insight refracting into the waters of the subconscious. Beauty is the result, and in the heart's eye of the beholder.

The alchemy of the unconscious bewilder, into conscious reception is Iris. The enlightenment and action thereof, is Nanshe.

"OneIris: The Nascence of Nanshe"
The coming into being of the heart as the prime cipher of life for the human becoming. The ocean is the potential, and we are the fountain. OneIris to link us, one eye to see through us all.
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