Rouka Pazyryk Picture

Time for Rouka to get a redesign, too! It's still a little funky picturing him like this now after all these years--he's one of my oldest OCs, but I think it's a fun change, so-! The white streaks in his hair are kind of my take on the white blazes that run down a horse's forehead, hahah...

He's really a very laid-back and easy-going kind of guy, though he might look a bit tougher here thanks to my (rather poor) choice of clothes and the tattoos--but they're actually a very important part of Centaur mythology. Rouka takes his last name, Pazyryk, from the culture and the tattoos that were found on the chieftains of these nomadic tribes. Centaur mythology tells of how they used to be creatures that could fly, and galloped through the heavens above the Earth. But they churned up too much dust and muddied the skies, so they were cast down to the Earth and bound by gravity, to pound the ground flat beneath their hooves and distinguish the earth from the sky, and that those twisted hind legs are for just that purpose.

Rouka is a pureblood centaur, and actually descended from the very first Centaurs that appeared after the flood. It's been the tradition in his family to ink these tattoos (not quite the same as sigology, these are more pictoral/for the documentation of their history than for power) onto the firstborn male's body, and for them to carry on as leader/chieftain to the herd. Centaurs are a very proud race and tend to remain with their own kind rather than interact with others, and as they're somewhat territorial, they also tend to establish their own regions within/around the city if they can, and keep to themselves.

Rouka, unfortunately, wanted absolutely nothing to do with the responsibilites of being head of the family or staying within his own community, so he quite simply ran away from home. His family as you can imagine was not pleased about this, and even less so when they found out that Rouka ended up working for the State--very few Demis choose to work for the human-based government, as they require these thick, just about permanant metal seals to ensure any Demi working under them remains in human form--but Rouka cast his heritage away without a backwards glance and signed right up. If he regrets his decision at all he never shows it--he seems perfectly content to remain in his sealed form, and has gained a lot of connections both with the State and also with the Demi underground, and serves as a sort of liason/informant swapping information between the two populations. (So, yeah, I drew him in his unsealed form, but you'll never see him like this in the Iris story itself... smart thinking, Lai. >_>;; )

He's a genuinely nice guy though (if you can get him to stop cracking bad jokes or hitting on pretty much anyone capable of holding a human form), and good pals with Seth, whom he's helped out plenty of times.

And uhhhhhhh yeah I really don't know how to draw horses, sorryyyyy u_u;;;

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