Shinlai - Teg Kagame Raizgoul Picture

”Guileless son, your spirit will HATE HER, the flower who married my brother the TRAITOR...!”


Name: Teg Kagamě Raizgoul
Nicknames: [None]
Species: Shinlai
Gender: Male
Age: 41 (Young Adult)
Birth Season: Autumn, 1829
Height: 11’2”
Length: 12’4”
Weight: 7,892 lbs.
Body Type: Muscular & Strong
Voiced By: Eric Vale - Trunks Briefs (Dragon Ball Z), Solf J. Kimbly (Full Metal Alchemist);
deep, low, gravelly, occasionally psychotic.

-Sire: Thorval Percevil Raizgoul (deceased)
-Dame: Althaia Yudōri Raizgoul (deceased)
-Siblings: Ĕlōhím Alaster Raizgoul; twin
-Mate: None
-Offspring: None
-Friends: Only when they benefit him

Allegiance: Darius & the Dark Bloods

Area: Teg has spent the majority of his younger in Elona, the Shinlai community on the Pacific North-West of the mainland. Because this is so far away from any human communities, he has had very little interaction with humans, but he has made up his mind against them He is resolved not to like humans at all. Currently, Teg holds a high political position in Elona, but his ambitions have him looking higher than that. He aspires to get himself noticed by the highest ranking officers of the Darkblood movement in order to move the world towards (what he feels would be) a shining new era.

Politics: Teg is VERY politically active, unlike his brother Ĕlōhím. Teg is underhanded, cunning, ambitious, charming, deceitful, manipulative, and knows how to twist facts—thus he makes for an excellent Politician himself. He is VERY attentive as to the on-goings of the Darkblood Revolution, and supports their every action almost to the point of fanaticism.

Element: Darkness

Although Teg’s twin brother is an Earth Elemental Shinlai, Teg himself is a Dark Shinlai. Both elements are incredibly taxing on their host’s body, but the powers of a Dark Shinlai are far more dangerous; while weak and sickly as a child, Teg has grown into something fierce. He is a large, muscular Shinlai, who is not afraid to tap into his powers, no matter how taxing they may be for him. He is proficient at all four divisions of the Dark Shinlai skill set, although puppeteering, illusions, and manipulating darkness are his strongest traits, while poisons seem to fall under more of a personal hobby.

Physical Description:

Shinlai Classification: Rare – Short Fur, “Weeping” Tail
Facial classification: Rare - Two sets of eyes, plus Dailan.

Face: Teg’s muzzle is mostly a gray colour which is only slightly lighter than the bulk of his pelt. The bridge of his muzzle, however, in-between his eyes and down until just before his lips is the same black as his undercoat. The inside of his mouth is the same healthy burgundy colour of his flesh, and his teeth are a hardy off-white colour that one would expect from an omnivore.
The most distinctive features about his face comprise of the scar across his left (smaller) eye, his long and lop-sided mane, and the very dark skin immediately protecting his eyes.

Horns: Teg’s horns are curved and wicked, with a sort of ‘ribbed’ quality to them, and dangerous spikes protruding just before the turn of each conch. His horns are like barbed wire and one can be sure that he uses them to his advantage at every opportunity. They are naturally the same handsome pale brown colour as Ĕlōhím’s horns, but Teg died them (permanently) with red and white dyes a long time ago, as a teenaged stage of rebellion.
Because his horns are so wicked and imposing, Teg likes to use his rack as a tool for goading others into doing what he says or throwing other Shinlai to the ground. He can really be quite the bully.

Build: As stated previously, Teg has a very muscular, strong build. Well-fed and with good posture, he is a rather weighty for his side, and it is all muscle. Teg is physically very strong and with good reason; he needs to be strong in order to manipulate and control his element. Despite being the runt as a pup, but he has grown into a rather fearsome and impressive buck.

Eye Colour: A brilliant, olive green, like quartz. Teg’s eyes are clear and opaque, partially lending to their pupils-less nature, and partially because of their natural “unearthly” inner-glow. Like all Shinlai, Teg’s eyes seem lit-up from within and his eyes in particular have a very raw power to them.

Fur Colour: Dark gray, lighter gray, and black. The bulk of Teg’s pelt is a dark gray in colouration, while his tail, mane, underbelly, sheath, and leggings are all solid black. The markings on his legs do not gradate gently but rather abruptly, causing a ‘salt-and-pepper’ type of pattern down all four of his limbs. He has six lighter gray stripes across his body; three fall across his neck, while three more fall across his withers and down his spine. Teg also has four ‘tattoos’ across his body, a technique where a Shinlai’s fur is stained with a relatively permanent dye. He gets them touched up every now and then, to keep the colour sharp. The pads of Teg’s feet, like his claws, are also black.

Mask Colour:
Teg’s original mask was made out of resin and various types of rare metals. It was rather round in shape, with six protruding spines, and panted a cool slate gray with additional markings decaled in white. It was a simple design over all, and one that Teg did not fancy in the slightest. Later in life, once he realized his nature as a Dark Shinlai, he had the ‘eyebrow’ markings of his mask changed to red, and the Dark Shinlai symbol painted onto the center of the mask.

His “new” mask is actually his brother Ĕlōhím’s “old” mask, a mask that he stole from his brother when he wounded and scarred his face and subsequently framed him for murder. The mask is made of Ebony wood, fiber weave, and clay. Originally, it was painted with a startling, vibrant green in order to represent the Raizgoul clan (all acclaimed Earth Shinlai). It is varnished with resin.

When the mask was shattered with a single fell swoop of Teg’s claw, the younger Raizgoul brother claimed the ruined blind of his patriarch’s as his own. Although many said that the mask could not be repaired, eventually it was mended with an adhesive mixture of clay, sap, and tar. Because ebony wood is said to be one of the most spiritual and sacred types of wood, Teg’s soul (as a Dark Shinlai) has corrupted and distorted the mask which now rots with the stench of death. Although the mask is broken and corrupted Teg wears it with pride, and he will tear down anyone who suggests that he simply get a new one. He has since forth adorned it with gaudy augments, which further attest to its fallen and impure status.

Scars: As a direct result of the fight that he picked with Ĕlōhím, Teg received a single scar across his left secondary eye. Although his one scar falls short in comparison to the three that he left across Ĕlō’s face, Teg is violently opposed to the idea of anyone seeing the old wound. If someone happens to catch him without his mask on, there will be a swift and unnecessarily cruel punishment to follow, of that one can be assured. Teg has no other scars to speak of, save it be your typical nicks or scrapes from daily living.

Accessories Although Teg is very proud of his status as high patriarch of the Raizgoul clan, he typically does not adorn himself in much, due simply to the fact that he is very opposed to the notion of wearing “human things”, like cloth or jewl. He has painted his horns, tattooed his sides, and adorned his mask with tags that speak of his high status. The rest is beneath him.

”The other brother…”


Positive Traits: persevering, strong-willed, determined, intelligent, insightful, studious, dedicated, eloquent speaker; good with words, knows a problem when he sees one.
Negative Traits: Arrogant, proud, violent, insecure, unstable. Occasionally out of control. Aggressive, cruel, manipulative, cold, self-serving, egocentric, pride-driven, angry; he seems to have a vendetta against the world. Cunning, short-tempered. Murderer.

For all his bile and blackness, Teg is the way that he is largely due to his Elemental nature; Dark Shinlai are quite prone to being instable, and Teg would certainly fit that description. Some even seem to view the element more as a “parasite” than an actual element.

When he was young, Teg was a shy and withdrawn, sickly pup, who was much smaller than his older brother. Teg had a reserved and nervous nature about him, largely stemming from the way that his father treated him. While Thorval, their father, treated Ĕlōhím with pride and candor, he was generally mean and surly with his younger pup, often turning his back on him or running him down. Despite Ĕlōhím’s kind nature, he was simply not aware of his younger brother’s plight because the way that their father treated his two boys was such a night-and-day difference. Teg’s only real source of confidence as he grew up was his mother.

Over the years his introverted personality slowly began to shift, his inferiority complex—acting submissive and apologetic, feeling as though he was somehow less talented or important than his brother—ultimately gave way to jealousy and malice. During his teenage years he was peevish and cruel with his brother, often shoving him away, until one day all of the more violent aspects of his personality had finally emerged.

Internally Teg is lonely, but he is too angry and too scorned to ever admit to it. His reprisal and cold, aloof personality are all a façade that he has created for himself in order to maintain the sort of power and control that fear brings. He is not kind, he is not merciful, and he is not forgiving. Time has molded him into a manipulative and cruel bastard. He is violent—excessively so—and willing to do anything that it takes in order to advance his position. Teg is most certainly unstable; he is half mad due to the Element inside of him eating away at his brain and corroding him slowly, rotting him from the inside out just like his mask.

Brief History
Teg was born late autumn of 1824, to a two Earth Element-wielding Shinlai, alongside his older brother twin-brother, Ĕlōhím. Ĕlōhím was older by just a few brief minutes, which entitled him to all of the rights as his father’s heir.

The two Raizgoul siblings grew swiftly and shared a relatively happy childhood. For Ĕlōhím, much of his his early formative years were spent in mental preparation for the powerful Shinlai he was expected to become. For Teg, however, time was spent following in his brother’s shadow, trying to get his father to notice him, and spending time in his mother’s embrace. By 14, Ĕlōhím began to express the signs of being a Shinlai of earth, as was expected out of him. Teg, however, showed no such promise. While their father expressed great pride in Ĕlōhím and his abilities, he seemed indifferent (if not wholly disappointed) in Teg’s lack-there-of. His mother tried consoling him into understanding that perhaps his abilities would emerge a little later in life, but Teg could not help feeling jilted. It was the first real spur in his side.

As the cubs outgrew boyhood and moved into their adolescent years, Ĕlōhím showed even more promise, although it was a painstakingly slow process for him. He confided in Teg often about his insecurities and self-doubts, but his sincerity fell on deaf ears as Teg made up his mind that his brother was just bragging for the attention.

Both boys shared a shared a childhood friend in Zantchel, a spry Fire-bending Shinlai a mere four years their senior. He was to be the only friend that Teg would ever have. However, as the boys grew and Teg let the distance between he and his brother become a wider and wider rift, Zantchel stayed close to Ĕlōhím, and both he and Teg grew apart.

At 21 Ĕlōhím had mastered some of the basics of his Element well enough to undergo his masking ceremony. While it was a great achievement in his life, Teg could only find himself jealous further still of his brother’s successes. And when his brother finally got his ears docked and his mask fitted, there was only one real reprieve from it all; admiring from afar a beautiful Air Shinlai by the name of Elorna. Teg felt that he loved her desperately, but he was too quiet to say anything about his attraction to her. Sill, just being able to see her made him happy However, as fortune would have it; Elorna had not only caught Teg’s eye, but Ĕlōhím’s attention’s as well.

At 23 years of age, Ĕlōhím and Teg’s father Thorval, became tired enough of having an incompetent son who showed no promise that he had a mask commissioned for Teg just the same. The mask was plain and boring, and denoted to Teg nothing of what he felt that his personality was. Slate gray. Off white. Nothing special. Nothing remarkable. Nothing beautiful and elaborate, unlike Ĕlōhím’s mask. He hated it. But being masked was better than being unmasked; he finally had something to be proud of, at least. He was finally recognized as a man by his society, even if it was a bit of a lie – he had yet to show any potential as an elementalist of any variety.

Later that same year, Thorval passed away. Having mated with Althaia (his dame) late in life and exhausting himself through his element, at a young 187 he died peacefully. His last words to Ĕlōhím were to be strong and always remember where he had come from. He had no final words for Teg. Althogh it was difficult for Ĕlōhím to lose such an important role model at such an early age in life, for Teg it was a welcomed relief from the constant put downs and feelings of inadequacy. He did not seem to express much care at all, and did not seem to care about his twin’s feelings when Ĕlōhím sought him out for consolation. However, Teg would care when six years later, at the age of 29, their mother, Althaia also passed away, having surpassed her husband and living to be 193 years of age. Her passing remarks to her boys were for Ĕlōhím to look after his younger brother and for Teg to listen to his older brother – she wished for them to take care of each other. Although Thorval’s passing had been hard on Ĕlōhím, his mother’s passing was even more difficult but for Teg—it just about tore Teg apart. Where their father had always been an absent role in Teg’s life, their mother had been his closest confidant, and now that she was gone truly began to spiral. Latent powers emerged, at last, as something inside of Teg finally snapped and he awakened to his nature as a Dark Shinlai. When this happened, there was a very visible shift in Teg’s entire personality and disposition, and it was clearly there for anyone to see. It started with his mask, and then his horns, and then the branding of his sides. Teg was out of control.

Since he could not seem to speak to his brother, Ĕlōhím began to spent time with Elorna as a means of easing the loss of their mother. Teg, on the other hand, became confident enough to make his feelings of admiration known. Both Raizgoul boys proposed themselves to Elona and her family, but in the end it was Ĕlōhím she chose. This was the final act which rent their already divided family tree in twain. Furious, hurt, and angry, Teg bottled his rage towards the brother who had always bested him at every turn and instead of him until he could no longer bare it. Confronting his brother in his anger, and exchange of harsh words turned into violent blows, and strike for strike Ĕlōhím only tried to defend himself while Teg lashed out in a sea of animosity and hate.

With the first swipe Teg splintered Ĕlōhím’s mask to ribbons, and he ensured that all manner of various injuries were to follow. Pleading for Teg to stop, in the midst of their violent struggle Elorna tried to quell the brother’s fighting, but in a sudden turn of events that could not have been foreseen, Teg rounded on her, projecting his anger like venom. With his fangs snapping down around her neck, Elorna went still and both of the brothers immediately froze. Her death was sudden, violent and sudden. Unintended. Unexpected. Both Ĕlōhím and Teg scarcely knew what to do: she was gone. Grieving instantly for the woman that he loved, Ĕlōhím forgot his own injuries to come to his mate’s side, pleading for her to get up. Teg on the other hand, recovering from his stunned stupor, realized that he had to act and act quickly if he was to save himself.

While his brother’s back was turned, Teg smashed the Ĕlōhím into unconsciousness and then fitted his teeth around Elorna’s neck while he went in search of “help” – weaving a tread of confused desperation (and allowing himself to look more wounded than the injuries that he had actually sustained), he concocted a graphic tale of how his brother had attacked him out of nowhere and then rounded on his own wife when she had tried to still the anger inside of him. Claiming that he had knocked his brother unconscious in order to incapacitate him while his attention had been diverted, he feared that the beautiful Elorna was dead.

Finding himself quite capable of lying if it was in order to save his own skin, Teg led the others to where the forms of his brother and sister-in-law lay crumpled and fallen. Teg always had been a master with words, and here lie the evidence before them; only Zantchel did not believe him. Taken into custody until the community elders could decide as a collective what to do with a murderer, Teg found himself strangely relieved to be rid of Ĕlōhím – as though he had been released, freed of his brother’s shadow. It was elating. He almost wanted to believe that he wouldn’t care what was done with his twin, and in a way he didn’t. If Ĕlōhím died, then so what? Good riddance. Perhaps he could finally have his own life. Teg’s own mask had been shattered as well during their fight, having been mostly made of resin, but rather than calling both of their masks lost, Teg decided that he would see about getting his family’s heirloom repaired for himself—Ĕlōhím’s mask would become his own, and there was nothing that his stupid brother could do to stop it. Teg took the mask to many different smiths and master craftsman around Elona, but many of them said that the mask could not be repaired, much to Teg’s chagrin, until finally one man seemed willing to do the undertaking. The mask was repaired, although the epoxy marks are still quite evident. But in a way, Teg fancies that. He almost enjoys the message that he took the birthrights of his brother by force. It certainly is a rewarding notion.

It wasn’t until sometime later that Teg discovered that Ĕlōhím had been freed. He had a rather good hunch as to how too, but he said nothing. So long as he didn’t have to see Ĕlōhím’s face anymore, that was perfectly alright with him. After his brother’s disappearance, Teg began to rise to power within the community, effetely placing himself as an elect official. He also began to push himself to become a masterful Dark Shinlai, exerting himself far beyond reason or necessity, in order to become something great. He had always been fascinated by the rumors of the Darkbloods and the cause that they stand for—freedom for Shinlai kind—for his kind; the Dark element Shinlai—from the archaic and asinine teachings of “Daila”, some mythological goddess who obviously didn’t care what her creations did. Well, that wasn’t for Teg. Having sealed up his heart after Elorna, moved by no man, Teg has decided that he WILL become one of Darius’ top brass. He will do anything necessary in order to prove himself to their cause, and has begun speaking openly in Elona about Darkblood Revolutionary ideals, converting others to the cause.


Likes: Knowledge, power, the things of the world. Being the center of attention, feeling important.

Color – Red
Food – swine, steer, venison, any kind of meat really.
Place –any place that is quiet; anywhere he can be alone to brood.
Weather/Season –rainy, stormy weather. The more violent, the better/the fall and early spring.
Memory – There is none that he can recall. Perhaps the death of his father.

Dislikes: Despite his charms and ability to convince others to believe what it is that he has to say, Teg is honestly not a people-person; he hates being around incompetent people for very long. Prolonged exchanges tend to be very taxing for him. The reverse of this is also true, however; Teg does not like to be entirely alone, although he does enjoy his solitude. At times, he may even dislike himself and the person that he has become, but he buries these feelings much too quickly to think on them for very long.

Least favorite:
Color – soft colours, weak colours, or boring colours; pink, yellow, and gray. He also hates the bright olive colour of his own eyes – they look too much like his father’s eyes for his tastes.
Food – chicken or any other foul, human food
Place – anywhere where he feels confined or overwhelmed
Weather/Season – summer
Memory – Elorna’s death, his mother’s death, even the mere thought of his twin. He has buried all childhood memories away in a place where he cannot recollect them.

Interests/Hobbies: Studying, training, pushing himself and his elemental control to its limits. Eating. Teg truly finds little pleasure in life other than knowing that he is at the top of the chain.

Goals/Ambitions: Teg’s ultimate goals and ambitions are to be recognized by Darius himself and the other top brass of the Darkblood Revolution. He is fascinated by their work, and will go to any extent to become not just one of them, but a powerful and recognized figure in their cause. His ambitiousness certainly knows no bounds.

Fears: Believe it or not, Teg fears the pitch black of darkness. It is a fear that he has not only had to embrace head-on but rather allowed to swallow him whole – he is a slave to his own element, even if he secretly fears the lonely, pitiless blackness.

Diet: Like all Shinlai, Teg is omnivorous. His diet consists largely of meats, with some amount of vegetation on the side. For meats he usually hunts his own kills, when he can, and will hunt anything smaller than himself, essentially. Elk is one of his particular favorites, as well as cattle, but just about anything is up for game. He only eats fruits and roughages if it suits his pallet.

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