Mythology 3 - Alkonost Picture

Again the results don't make me happy but I don't lose heart - I'm just learning. Maybe in several months I'll be much better.

I'll tell you a bit about the creature.

In Byzantine and Russian medieval legends Alkonost is a magical bird, which lives in Iri - the Slavic paradise. She has a face of a woman and a body of a bird. Her voice is sweet as love. Those who hear her singing can forget about everything. But she carries no evil unlike Sirin - the other halfwoman-halfbird.

Canonically this creature should be depicted a bit different, but that's the way I did it. My freestyle interpretation.

Inspired by V. Vasnetsov's painting "Sirin and Alkonost".

Model: me
Photo of the face: by me
Birds: Della-Stock [link]
Background: by eblind, taken from [link]
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