Iris Picture

i know i know,
iris was 'fleet footed' meaning wings on the feet. well, DEAL WITH IT.

yeah, so mythology, iris when she ran messages back and forth between mount O. and earth she left a rainbow in her wake. This i my little pic inspired by that. my fav myth cause i once made a giant felt banner for her. And it was cool. And I got an A. And it is stil hanging up in the latin room at SMHell if you would like to go to that layer of evil and walk through the snobby evil people. You might be lucky to run into the 10% of nice people. ANyhow, this is my pic. No brush work. I like it a lot.

Thanks to Virgin-stock for having such beautiful stock. Give the girl props, not crap. Her work is breathtaking and emotion evoking. And if you gave her crap for her work feel free to leave a note with your local so i can go kick your butt.

thank you.

*runs away to take an exam.. that i should have been studying for but was instead making this and posting it... cause im silly*
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