Iris Picture

A drawing of the Greek messenger goddess and personification of the rainbow, Iris, which I did for a class. (that's the reason for the text in the corner. I was going to scan it and THEN add the text, but both pieces were sprayed with adhesive spray before I remembered that... XD) My scanner effed it up a bit, too, so it's a bit shadowy (and I'm not entirely sure that the text is at all legible. huh.)

The rainbow background wasn't drawn by me, it was done by ~pixelsandquills, who nicely drew me a background and cut out all the lovely feathers and hair strands for me. >w< It's much easier to draw like that than to cut it out... Anyway, I'm glad I got to steal ~dramabird8795's Copics
to ink this.

I used ~WingedFoxHota's [link] as a reference for this. Especially on the hands. @[email protected]'' But, yeah.
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