Titan Wars-Iris Picture

Name: Iris
Height: 65meters
Wingspan: 120meters
Weight: 24,000metric tons


Long ago, the ancients spoke of a goddess that was the "sun" and united the Earth and the Heavens. Little did the modern world realize that this "goddess" was going to become the latest titan......

At a dig site near the ancient port city of Alexzandria, the mythical Library is finally discovered. Historians studing the books uncover a book, a very special book as a matter of fact. One that need to get to ATS ASAP! The book was a log of a "1st Age of Titans" and that they have appeared before. It is said that their reign soon ended when they had "To fight the one, imprisoned in the earth, Kronos."
Now in Greek Mythology, Kronos was the Titan of Time, so what did this all mean? That the titans would fight would fight a some force of time? ATS analysts went quick to work to reveal this. But also, the book spoke of the aftermath, and it is said that "The goddess of the sun, the messenger of Heavan and Earth, was laid to rest at the library, to protect it."
And with that, the discovery of the giant flamingo, Iris, was logged by ATS.
The creature was first non violent, it was huge and seemed to not be the fearsome guardian that the book said it was. That was until, up from the depths of the Mediterrean, the mighty Tyrannus appeared. The creature had been tracked making to the African continent, and for some odd reason, had been doing it in an awful haste. Thats when there was a brief battle between Tyrannus and Iris. While the mighty dinosaur had his mighty breath, it only made Iris stronger. There was a reason she was a sun god.
Iris seemed to have a similar ability to Blaze, and her feathers could ignite into fire at will. With all the flames, Tyrannus and Iris eventually reduced the Library of Alexzandria to a pile of rubble. Its treasures once again lost. (Historians though did find a book written in an unknown dialect, but two words have been deciphered. Leviathan and Behemoth)
Tyrannus soon chased Iris off into the Morraco area, into the mountains, were unknowing to Tyrannus, would meet on of the mightiest of the old Titans.........

Iris is a one of the Harem titans and is usually seen fighting side by side with Persia, Criva, or Dinga. Iris is also very protective of her group and will usually help her pack when a titan wants to attack them.

~Powers and Abilities~
*Mach .5 flight
*"Flame Wing" Able to ignite her wings with the sun's power, into flames
*"Flame Flap"-Like a hurricane wing, but instead its a mix of wind and flames

Iris is a Titan Wars is a
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