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SO. My buddy *booker has this webcomic thingummy called Skin Deep, that's all about monsters and mythology and music and snazzy things like that. AS WE'RE BUDS AND ALL, I've gone and created a few supporting cast members for her comic in my free time (only fair, as she's given me a couple for Team D.U.D.E.). Why have you lot never seen them before? Simple: Furries Ruin Everything. I haven't been comfortable with drawing and sharing anthropomorphic characters in the open for ages now because of furries, so while I've drawn these characters for Kory many times over a lengthy period of time, I've never really shared any.

But my other friend *ladydragona went and did this neat series of her own characters-for-Skin-Deep, and I was inspired to come out of my shell and share a few of my own. THANKS SFE.

So hopefully, I'll be posting a bunch of quick little portraits and drawings of the mythological-based characters I've made for Kory's comic, and all in a relatively short period of time. LET'S SEE HOW MANY I CAN DO.

I love monstery people.


NAME: Iris Erika Ophis
AGE: 20
INFO: Yep, still doing a few more of these! This here lady is Iris, and now is the time for a bit of information and Learning About Mythology.

There's a bit of confusion on dA over this, it seems, so let's clear up a few things: Iris is not a naga. The naga of Indian and Asian mythology are large, cobra-like snakes with anywhere between one and seven heads in some legends, and a human-headed snake-tailed creature with extra snake heads around its main one in others. A monster that is simply human on top with a snake tail on bottom is a Greek creature known as a Lamia (plural, the Lamiae), and they are female-only (much like the Satyr are male-only). They're generally quite nasty and would eat humans back in the day, though a few modern girls are rather better about it all.

AND NOW BACKSTORY. Iris is a Lamia, and it all started when her sheepherder grandfather came upon her Lamiaean grandmother basking in the sun in the mountains of Greece. They fell in love and hid away in the mountains, and had a son. Since the Lamiae are only female Iris' father was born a normal human, and he grew up and moved to England and married a human woman and had apparently normal human Iris and they lived a normal human life.

Unfortunately, the mythological genes were passed on and when she was in her late teens Iris randomly Turned naturally, as happens sometimes. Since the Lamiae don't have medallions (they were denied for being, well, y'know, nasty), Iris is pretty much screwed. She has no midform and can't turn into a human, so her father had to do much scrambling to find her a safe haven in the form of the L.A., and took her there late one night. Until somebody can figure out what to do, Iris is pretty much permanently stranded inside the Avalon, much like *ladydragona's Anthony.

Iris is a pretty strong-willed and hot-tempered young woman, and her plight (and the fact that her mom's kind of scared of her) don't help. She really misses playing football (soccer to us Yanks). She will argue and be sarcastic over most anything, and isn't handling her situation terribly well. She gets along via her best friend Rhonda (who shares the accessories and clothes she makes with her), and works in the satyr-run Brodie's Bakery. She and Ike probably have angst contests, it's a wonder Rhonda stays sane. Knows how to swear in Greek.

The Lamia markings I came up with are based on those of the rather adorable Greek snake Dahl's Whip Snake.



Characters illustrated belong both to me and *booker. It's her comic after all, haha.
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