Iris Picture

The goddess Iris, who I believe is the greek goddess of color. I believe that she is a messenger deity for Zeus, who gets from place to place via creating rainbows and walking on them. Although, I'm not entirely sure, and my greek mythology is much fuzzier than my norse.

Anyway, so I hadn't really drawn anything since the abandoned temple line art. I'd sort of hit a creative null type thing. And I was sort of worrying that my shine was gone. So I sat down and decided that I was going to draw something and if it wasn't going to be creative then by god it was going to be pretty. And this is what came out.

When people asked "who is she?" my response was "i dunno, who do you think?" and I got some varied answers. Someone said that it reminded him of a valkirye, and I answered with "it kind of reminds me of Death, only with a spear instead of a scythe."

I guess it sort of shocked the people standing around. One of them asked "Are you afraid of drowning or something?"

And I answered "No, I'm going to die in an elevator with my art portfolio in hand."

That may sound kind of morbid now that I think about it. But eh (shrugs) anyway, when I was coloring it, I had some ideas of color effects that I wanted to try like with the hair. And before I knew it, it seemed to be a representation of a much less depressing abstract personification.

or maybe its somehow both at once? eh, I dunno, its nearly three. So i'm going to just wind up this rambling and go to bed. Night night.
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