Destroyer of Light 30 Picture

The first panel is a little reference to the myth of Demeter and Iason. According to Hesiod, Demeter "was joined in sweet love with the hero Iasion in a thrice-ploughed fallow in the rich land of Krete" and some have suggested that it refers to actual fertility rites.

And about the second panel, you maybe remember that Demeter told Hekate to help her mix some kykeon on page 24? Of course Persephone knows that Hekate and her mother have some kind of relationship. It's no big deal.

I must confess I still have some difficulties to get back to this comic. And that it now is time for the "Sephy loses her virginity to someone in the disguise of a snake scene" doesn't make it any easier. I've changed the script several times for this page and while I worked on it I still had my doubts if it really was good . Sometimes it's a bit hard for me to tell if something feels bad because it really IS bad, or if it's just my crappy self-esteem who is trying to fool me. Maybe I should keep focusing on Daddy's Girl, since things actually are going well with that comic. But then I would leave you hanging in the "Sephy loses her virginity to someone disguised as a snake scene". That wouldn't be good.
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