More manga story sketches Picture

I'm incredibly lazy. I found these in a big pile of old drawings, the story line's good, but the character relationships are too unnatural. I like the page outlines I did for them though.

Anyways, the story line I had went something like this: Ryunosuke, the main character, moves back to his hometown, after a series of different school conflicts. He and his mom, who distances herself from him after a child abuse scandal, move into a rotting townhouse surrounded with red poppies. Soon however, Ryunosuke starts getting mail listed with contact information of people and pictures who are destined to die. They die. He starts to ignore the mail, and starts getting text messages instead. His mom dies. People at school are afriad of him. He befriends three people. And then his spiritual half sister tries to kill him, but she's actually on his side or something. One of his friends dies, but gets turned into a cat. JAJAJAJJA. No, but yeah. And then it turns out he's Hypnos, the god of sleep, his twin brother death is trying to kill him to get all of the power distributed by the deities of mishappenings. (This is actually greek mythology based.) Yadada. This is why I abandoned it.
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