My shiny pokemon (1 of ???) Picture

Alright, I admit it; I'm obsessed with shiny pokemon and officially become a shiny pokemon hunter this last January. I've seen various cards people have made that showcases each and every shiny they've caught over time and I loved the idea. But being the technologically challenged person I am; I could not make one myself or find anyone who could make one for me. So after a little debate I decided to make one the only way I now how: drawing. On April 11th, I finally got up the courage to start this tremendous project.

After a lot of skipping around I finally finished the first page back in June. I am very pleased with the way it turned out but am unsure if I should leave the background the way it is or add something more to it. What do you guys think?

What information besides the pokemon's name and number of SR's/RE's should I include? The date I found them? Gender? Something else? Let me know if you have any thoughts!

Page 3: Coming Soon!

*** Beware Wall of Text Ahead!!! ***

Harper (Means harp player)
This little beauty was my first ever shiny. Back in the Spring of 2007ish on my way home from school (a was in the 8th grade at the time) I decided to kill some training in Victory Road on my Emerald version. Just as the bus pulled up to my stop this strange Whismur with green ears and toes scrawled across my screen.

I was baffled, was this some kind of neat glitch? I didn't really have time to think about it so I decided I would throw a pokeball at it and if I caught it then I would keep it; if not, I would just run away. So I chucked an ordinary pokeball at the level 40 female Whismur while it was still at full health. To my surprise I caught her! But I had forgotten her by the time I got home.

Then, in high school my friend Wayne was looking at my pokemon on my Emerald version, when he saw her he offered his Mew in return. I happily accepted. Unfortunately, he had to take my game home with him, because at the time his mom wouldn't let him bring his video games to school. He gave it back a few days later and told me he couldn't trade over Mew for some reason, but he took my Whismur anyway. A year later I discovered shiny pokemon and to say I was pissed would be an understatement...

But fate was kind to me as during my senior year of high school, Wayne was trading away many of his pokemon on his black version. One of which, happened to be a lvl. 52 shiny female Exploud. Forgetting that he stole a shiny Whismur from me nearly three years ago, he traded it to me saying he didn't really care for her and I desperately hoped she was the same one. And sure enough, her OT is Alyssa!

Level: 52

Nature: Brave

Characteristic: Highly curious

Ability: Soundproof

Ice Beam

Misc: She doesn't actually have a nickname in game due to not giving her one way back when I first caught her. But it felt wrong not to give her one anyway.

Neptune (after the Roman god of the sea)
This bad boy was my first ever hunted shiny. I started hunting him spring of 2012 and after a few days of hunting (usually double or triple) my first ever hunt was complete! I got to my Mythology test period early and decided to hunt instead as I was pretty confident about the upcoming test. A few minutes before the class was due to begin I looked down at the screen of my DS lite as the MUdkip came out of the pokeball and the moment I saw the different color I nearly screamed. With shaking hands I beat the Poochyena and quickly saved the game (I also got a 95% on my test!).

Level: 52

Nature: Adamant

Characteristic: ---

Ability: Torrent

Muddy Water
Ice Beam

Misc: Might use him in a fanfic if I decide to start a new story with a new OC based off of the character I used in the Sapphire version I found Neptune in.

Scorch (to burn or char the surface of something)
Took me by complete surprise. The evening of September 30th, 2012 while watching a documentary on the Bermuda Triangle I decided to resume my hunt for a HG starter, this time keeping track of each SR.

And after only 121 SRs my first successful hunt since Neptune was completed!

When I scrolled through the starters and saw that beautiful red cyndaquil I freaked (as he was what I was hoping for the most). I screamed (well, more like yelped) and did some crazy little victory dance involving lots of cussing and shouting of booya!

And thus began what I hoped to be a Badge Quest.

Level: 51

Nature: Rash

Charcterstic: Often dozes off

Ability: Blaze

Lava Plume

Misc: Scorch is named after my beloved dragon beanie baby Scorch; who was by my side throughout my childhood and was my friend when no one else was.

Anthea (flower)
Anthea was the one who really got my Heart Gold badge quest started. From the moment I got Scorch I immediately progressed through the first gym leader to route 32 for my next shiny. I caught a Mareep hoping its static ability would give me a better chance at getting a shiny Mareep.

That obviously didn't happen. The morning of October 2nd, after almost constant searching and after 3,900 REs (lost count a fe times due to my calculator turning itself off) a golden leafed Bellsprout graced my screen. I was incredibly nervous as she was my first ever encountered shiny and i was terrified I would miss-click something and kill her or run away. I managed to catch her in my third premier ball.


Nature: Relaxed

Characteristic: A little quick tempered

Ability: Chlorophyll

Vine Whip
Poison Powder
Sleep Powder

Misc: Her color is off because I couldn't find the right color prism markers and I preferred how these looked together.

Ragnarok (the destruction of the Norse gods)
Obtained Januray 23rd, 2013 and after a long break from hunting and a few failed attempts. I have always loved the golden color of shiny Arbok and as soon as I got enough coins to buy five Ekans at a time at the Goldenrod game corner I began hunting for my own. But still being new to hunting I quickly grew impatient with many of my hunts until after the new year.

Suddenly, I found myself in some sort of trance, hunting every spare moment (and sometimes during class). And after a counted 728 SRs (3,642 bought) from a single hunt I found a green Ekans in party. I was estatic, once more screaming and doing a crazy victory dance in the solitude of my dorm room.

level: 47

Nature: Timid

Characteristic: Likes to run

Ability: Shed skin

Mud Bomb

Misc: Shine less than an hour after my Genetics course and was the only Ekans in the set that had the ability Shed Skin (which was the one I wanted).

Mystique (air of mystery)
This grumpy psychic appeared much quicker than I had anticipated. The day after Ragnarok joined the family (JAnuary 24th) Mystique appeared on round 35. I was hoping for a Nidoran male (I love that blue!) and got the shiny I wanted least. I dislike Mystique simply because Hypno scare the crap out of me. I find her kind and Mr. Mime to be hightly disturbing and creepy for a reason I can't explain. So its safe to say that once I beat Morty I barely used her and moved on to my fifth target for my badge quest.

Level: 40

Nature: Bashful

Characteristic: Mischievous

Ability: Forewarn

Poison Gas

That's it for now! Keep your eyes peeled for page 2, I'm more than halfway done with it already.
(And if you read all that I congratulate you, you deserve a cookie!)

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