Oneiroi: Greek Picture

Well it's been a while, thought at least not as big as a gap as I had before I started this project.... anyway.

I am well aware that only three of these are actually Nyx's sons, and therefore the fourth should have his own page later on... but that's too bad, as after all this is my version so I can do as I please.

The Oneioi - Dreams; they work with their older brother Hypnos, and also live with him in his cave. The three that are Nyx's sons (Morpheus, Icelos, and Phantasos) are triplets, and the fourth Epiales is... well he's their creation. He's not actually anyone's child, but they built him using all of their abilities (after all their powers are centered around making images) He's sort of a living lucid dream....

Okay so Morpheus is the 'oldest'; guy in the brown shirt; (he happens to be my favorite in this picture also) He specializes in dream images of humans, and the other gods.

Next to him holding the snake and raven is Icelos (or Phobetor) he creates images of animals and monsters; specifically birds and serpents.

Then the final brother is Phantasos who creates images of the elements and other inanimate things. He's the guy above Icelos who's wearing a shirt made of bandages.

Finally Epiales the non-brother, He simply is nightmares.

In mythology they are described as winged, but that isn't true, they are however ghosts. Or close to. This is so they can go directly in to mortal's dreams (Where they and everything they create feels solid and real; also if they were to hurt you in a dream you would wake up with the injury)
None of them have pupils (Except Epiales he has one in his right eye), Icelos's snake doesn't even have eyes.
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