Oneiroi - Dreams Picture


The 'Oneiroi' were 'daimones' (spirits) of dreams, they had dark wings and used to fly at night as bats. According to Hesiod, the dreams were sons of the sons of Night (Nyx), but Ovid call them the sons of Sleep (Hypnos), and Euripides call them the sons of Earth (Gaia), depicting them as genii with black wings. They probably were hundreds or thousands, but only three of them were known: Morpheus, Ikelos/Phobetor and Phantasus. While Morpheus imitates human features (way of walking, kind of voice, usual clothes), Ikelos makes animal shapes (beasts, birds, snakes etc) and monsters (that's why he was called Phobetor - the one to be feared). The third 'oneiros' is Phantasus, who forms inanimated things (as stones, water, trees etc).

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Since I haven't found ANY depiction of this 3 together, I made this one so I can use in my shrines. I hope you like it.

Man - [link]
Wings - [link]
Raven - [link]
Rocks - [link]
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