In for a visit. Picture

Here we have Thanatos (Guide to the Dead (read more about him on his own deviation)) and Hypnos, his twin brother.
I'm gonna talk about Hypnos on this one.

So Hypnos is the god of sleep, right, so his job is basically to hang out in the Underworld and sleep, and through his god majyyks he makes the humans sleep too. Hence the seriously messy bedhead he's got goin there. His wings are underdeveloped, seeing as he never uses them, and I guess I also see him as the younger twin? Like, there's his big brother, off doing important work for King Hades, doing his... death stuff, and Hypnos is always really happy whenever bro comes in for a visit.
Lookit that yaoi bed. It's huge. You could fit a small army on that thing. Much wow. So impress.
So they're twins, right, which makes sense seeing as Hypnos is "sleep" and Thanatos represents death, or "eternal slumber"
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