the morpheus family Picture

Do these people even have last names? I can't call them anything else but that. lol

Some notes.
- Morpheus: Greek god of dreams (referred to as "king of dreams) who gives dreams shape and is in charge of the dreams of important ppl. Part of the Oneiroi.

- Phantasos: Part of the Oneiroi. In charge of dreams of inanimate objects. Brother of Morpheus.

- Phobetor: Part of the Oneiroi. In charge of nightmares and dreams of animals. Brother of Morpheus.

- Hypnos: God of sleep. Is the father/brother of Morpheus. Will most likely not be in the story.

- Nyx: Goddess of night. Is the mother and grandmother of Morpheus and his brothers (may include Hypnos, Greek mythology is wacked). Also not in story.

Any of these five (though the Oneiroi are more plausible) could be the main villain of Dream Catcher. XD
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