Reaper Mercenary Picture

Finally, the continuation from "Shadow of the Past" series! The first one is this: [link]

I made this to celebrate Ricardo's participation in Radiant Mythology 3. He is one of my most favorite Tales character and I thought he wouldn't in but FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF---- I'm overjoyed now.

It's not supposed to be done this few days late if college isn't killing me and sucking my time.

and sorry, Hypunos' shadow shaped weird. His body is unique and it won't really make sense as a mere silhouette. But I think that I don't have to draw him in full detail also save my ass from extra pain, since his design is damn cool yet damn detailed. Even Thanatos isn't as detailed as him.

Ricardo Soldato & Hyupunos from Tales of Innocence, owned by Inomata Mutsumi, Bandai Namco Games, and Alfa system.
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