Nyx Picture

In Greek mythology, Nyx – one of the primordial deities - was the goddess of the night. According to Hesiod's "Theogony", she was the daughter of "Chaos". Together with her brother Erebos, Nyx gave birth to Aether (athmosphere) and Hemera (day).

Other offspring of Nyx are blame (Momus), toil (Ponos), fate (Moros), death (Thanatos), strife (Eris), deception (Apate) and age (Geras) – but she is also the mother of sleep (Hypnos), friendship (Philotes), the tribe of dreams and others. In some texts she is even mentioned as the mother of Eros and the Hesperides.

So… this is my personal interpretion of this fascinating goddess. I hope you enjoy.
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