The Generals: Ver. 1 Picture

The Generals of The Sandman, the creator of Nightopia and ruler of the fabled kingdom, Orpheus Hollow. These are the first versions of them. Some of designs and colors need to be tweaked a bit.


Who are the Generals?

The Generals are servants of The Sandman and protectors of Orpheus Hollow. They each represent a certain Ideya and rule over a different realm with the Hollow.

Which General governs which Ideya?

Valentine: Purity
Aesop: Knowledge
Hypnos: Growth
Nyx: Hope
The Sandman: Courage

What is Orpheus Hollow?

The Hollow is realm that is almost completely closed off from Nightopia or Nightmare. If Nightopia is light and Nightmare is dark, The Hollow is a gray area. Access is virtually impossible from the outside. There are MANY sub-realms of The Hollow and they are all monitored by The Generals and their Master.

Who visits the Hollow?

The Hollow tends to receive older dreamers, most older teens and adults, most of whom carry some form of emotional burden that even sleep can not rid.

Are the Generals Nightopians?

No. The Generals, as well as all residents of the Hollow are called Oneiroi. (In Greek Mythology, Oneiroi were brothers or sons of the god of sleep. Personifications of dreams, if you will) All Oneiroi are based on mythological beings, concepts and personifications.

Valentine: A Cupid both in design and personal mission statement.

Aesop: A Satyr. Name comes from the famous fable teller.

Hypnos: A merged concept of the brothers Hypnos & Thantos from Greek mythology, The Gods of Sleep & Death respectively. Thantos is often portrayed with wings on the side of his head. This was a design aspect I wanted to keep. ^_^

Nyx: Greek Personification of the night.

Are they friends or foes to NiGHTS & the others?

They are friends of Hellequin and later, yes, friends to NiGHTS. Despite personality quirks, they are friendly and approachable but if you cross or injury any one of their siblings...GAME OVER!

What about The Sandman?

He is an aloof and mysterious figure. No one knows much about him or sees him, except for Nyx, the only one with direct access to his private realm, The Land of Nod.


Ask me then! I'll tell you anything you want to know...unless it's a story spoiler. Then I won't say anything. XP
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