DemiGod Files: OC2 Picture

Yay free time! I made her a while back, but thinking up a name took a shameful amount of time.
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Name: Eris Tomonari
Age: 14
Height: 4' 11"
Weight: 98 lbs
Blood Type: O
Birthday: September 13th
Zodiac: Virgo
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Hair Color: Black
Physical Description: Dainty, Baby-faced, Pretty

Traits: Sleepy, Timid, Mature, Friendly
Good Habits: Polite, Kindly
Bad Habits: Poor listener, Lazy (both traits due to sleepiness)
Fears: Fire
Favorite Food: Pizza (loaded w/ topings)
Favorite Drink: English black tea w/honey
Favorite Scent: Cut grass & Poppy flowers
Favorite Season: Summer
Best Subject: Math
Worst Subject: Culinary
Strengths: Great insight/ intuitive, Resourceful, Compassionate
Weakness: Falls asleep VERY often, Cowardly


Father: Hypnos
Mother: Akiko Tomonari
Siblings: n/a
Closest Friends: Sonja Valiente [link]

Eris is the demigod child of Hypnos. She was brought to Camp Half-Blood at the tender age of nine after a run-in with some dangerous monsters led to her discovery and claiming. The attack led to the untimely death of her mother, whom at the time was a simple pastery chef. Though still a sore subject (due to her memory being sharper than most), Eris takes her mother’s death as a threshold into a new life where she gained many new friends and a bigger family. She loves to just doze her days away surrounded by poppy flowers, dreaming of things most likely to come. Her earliest memories at Camp Half-Blood are with Sonja, and she looks up to her as a role model.
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