Hypnos Adoptable -closed- Picture

So this is going to be an offer type thingy. I have set prices and you get to pick which one you will pay. Based on how much you pay will be how much additional stuff you will get. Since rent is due, I will also have a set time limit on how long this will be open. If you would like more time or have any questions, please address them via note or comment below.
No matter which price you pay, you will get to choose whether or not to keep her bio information. If you choose to change it, you can make it whatever you want it to be. If you choose to keep it, I would like to see it kind of the same... but in the end she would belong to you and ultimately you call the shots.

Bio: In designing her, I imagined her to be the lackey of Thanatos. Since in Greek mythology, Hypnos was supposed to be the twin of Thanatos. Pigtails make me think of tsunderes for some reason, so I imagined Hypnos is kind of rough around the edges but she just wants people to like her and doesn't know how. Being Hypnos, she has the ability to put people to sleep and control their dreams and nightmares. Her staff weapon helps her do just that. And for a bit of comedy, she is narcoleptic and is high-functioning when she dreams... Almost as if she wasn't even asleep for the brief dream cycles while she sleeps

I decided that since I kept Thanatos, I would keep Hypnos too :3

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