OC Hypnos- chara design Picture

Umm.. it will be in scraps very soon but I just wanted submit something before I'm busy again (that was finally my free weekend @[email protected] and it has just ended). I really have time for nothing nowadays and I was only able to finish some of my sketches with my own characters.They were made very quickly so sorry for all that mess X_X.
It's my male (!) character Hypnos I have drawn two times so far. He is one of my fav charas since he is just so defencelss (rapeable) and brainless ukeish personality xD. He is a god of dreams with the problem of ..insomnia and the freak of sleeping pills lol When I'm free again (in one month time I'm afraid #_# ) I will try to write a better description. I just hope you will like the sketches as well as this chara.

P.s. Don't look at his hands
mecanical pencil, black pen, pro-markers, Crayola pencils
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