necroMatador Picture

Your name is HYADES ZEMLJA.

You are one of the rare trolls that find themselves with an ENJOYMENT FOR THE AESTHETIC, though you hide it well on the outside. If one were to make their way into your hive, however, they would find A COLLECTION OF ARTWORK IN VARIOUS STAGES OF COMPLETION. You also have a rather large collection of BOOKS DESCRIBING FAUNA OF THE MYTHOLOGICAL PERSUASION. A particular feather in your cap is your acquisition of a certain BOOK DETAILING THE ART OF RESURRECTING THE DEAD. You know that it isn't real and would never work, but studying it is a particular point of interest to you.

You are also a SEA-DWELLER, a proud member of the troll elite, but you live close to shore so that you may visit often with a LAND-DWELLER FRIEND of yours.

You are close to the end of your ADOLESCENT period and will soon move up to the ranks of the ALTERNIAN MILITARY. Your greatest dream is to become an AEROFIGHTER PILOT, an odd aspiration for a sea-dweller. You are not likely to become one, however, as your LESS-THAN-PERFECT EYESIGHT and your FEAR OF HEIGHTS are considered severe handicaps.

You have the PSIONIC ABILITY to REANIMATE DEAD THINGS, but you don't know it yet. This ability will not manifest or even really come into play until you begin playing a certain game with a group of your friends, including the land-dweller friend mentioned previously.

Your trolltag is necroMatador and you "TEnd to speak in a manner which makes you sound unsure of yourself..."
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