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"the tiamats, also known as the famous reptilians, were simply the product of the unconscious human minds, who for the purpose of giving a better future civilizations for coming, unleashed an unspeakable plague upon the fate of all men living and lived. the moment of its appearance was the worst, and the result, a nightmare"

some groups of humans for several decades now have been forming what could be called as a kind of mythology based on ufology and cryptozoology, and scattered by sensationalism. all this had been formed and had gained momentum for the countless anecdotes and almost fanciful stories of several people who had stumbled upon something unknown and to date no explanation. the stories are varied, some tend to be ridiculous from a scientific approach. some could be counted such as abductions made by the grays, conspiracies about the meddling of the reptilians and their plans to keep humanity under their control, encounters with enlightened civilizations, utopian societies that have come to earth to uplift human civilization to a new level of consciousness, will allow us to travel more dimensions. even been attempted to interpret all the old tales of ancient civilizations as unearthly facts, for example, the theory of ancient astronauts, the alleged existence about the Annunaki, and other things. this has led to the creation of many misconceptions, which still affect the acutuales times and they are creating a generation of gullible people.

Yet his legacy will endure countless narratives described by different means. This legacy is really intriguing, however, because, despite being taken as "facts" in a set can be a fantastic, unreal, but entertaining story.

and this is where history, The Chrononauts, goes into action. this story is plausibly explain all events as a whole may have formed the vision not only of the UFO mythology, but also of ancient mythologies.

year: 45,000 BC-26,550 AC
location: Earh-Space, Orion constellation, 250 light years of the earth

It is a warm morning in the middle of europe of the Palaeolithic, primitive human groups settled throughout the continent continued their lives quietly, without any kind of situation that interferes with them. were unaware of what could be beyond what they see. However, in the sky, strange stars are ranging hovering quickly, hiding behind the clouds. The reason that these stars are so unusual for people is because they were visible by day. but this strange event was not a high priority for people, so that they ignored them. Meanwhile, far from the solar system in one of the few stars of Orion, the colonization has started. May be observed a great portal, of several hundred feet, nearly a mile in diameter. behind this there is a large area of ​​several kilometers in diameter, which stores energy collected from various stars so that this work. around the portal is located various space stations, which are managed by those who have manipulated those stars that are primitive, and the great portal. the other side of the portal is located the future, the future where they come from.

on the other side, large cylindrical ships are prepared to make a one way trip, trying to make a new life elsewhere. within these, there is a despicable race, a kind of horrible hybrids, which are willing to claim a earth that was never theirs, for the purpose of establishing itself as sovereigns. the other side of the portal is another entry, which is at the time described above. they are ready for the first wave of colonization, of a free universe, free from human technologically advanced.

these are not the first to arrive at the time, long ago, an advance group his began to colonize the Paleolithic world, trying to adapt to this world and begin a new empire without humans than despised. they managed to keep secret its activities, avoiding many knew of its purposes, since the consequences of the acts of the reptilians would entail many misfortunes. They had already set the stage to make his grand entrance, tried to instill in the minds of primitive humans, the idea that they were gods, they were their leaders and that they would take custody of directing. had done preliminary tests with Neanderthals, even small groups retained after their date of extinction. but its main focus was the human race.

But when the time of colonization, other civilizations managed to hit a punch, before most of the ships began to enter, fleets of human civilizations and other allied humans, carried out a full attack on the ships, to the worlds and the plans to conquest of the reptiles. the civilizations that attacked tiamats belong to advanced groups of warriors, from the makeup of the Pleiades, Hyades and above, lyre, who had long persecuted the tiamats in search of technologies that they had usurped.

Eventually the humans, successfully ended the enemy's defenses and began their advance towards the goal: the time portal. the hard battle did not last long, the human forces managed to repel and destroy what was left of the attacking troops. To reach the entrance of the portal, preventing most of the ships could not pass. Unfortunately some ships managed to enter the portal and get to the other side. for humans it was clear they could not waste any more time, could not afford to sit still. After they gained control of the portal, began preparations for a trip with no return. humans had foreseen this situation, already knew that tiamats had long been at the time and are probably made ​​a serious humanity from damage that time because they wanted to settle in that specific period. the civilizations were willing to fix those matters, even with the serious risks, since they were not willing to continue making enemies disasters that caused over time in their own era.

in short, they had planned to follow and keep that earth safe from them. the ships ready to persecute the tiamats, entered the portal, while across the reptiles were not willing to spend that, prepare the machine to be destroyed. there was an uproar during the Battle of the portal, while the human ships came out the other side of the portal, the tiamats offensive forces attacked the incoming ships, some fell, but not enough to stop. the battle ends with the reptiles escaped, but not before the destruction of the goal, leaving the now drifting time travelers. they take a while to make it to the earth, there are enough of them to meet his enemy, they have a clear mission. meanwhile, the reptiles had lost its main station, and her only source of supplies, so they started looking for a new base, though not without resources, since they managed to bring with enough technology to collect them.

that war is just beginning

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