Starseed Chronicles - Dora - Pleiades Picture

- Starseed Chronicles – Dora from Pleiades – Pleyadian Soldier Class Concept Art

This character is called Dora and she is a typical peyadian, from one million years ago in Pleiades ... This armor was used at the time when the War between in the system (cluster) of Pleiades (Krittikas in Hindu mythology), specifically in Azanubio planet (orbiting the Alcyone star) there was much disagreement, because there is no a Planetary Federation, in this time.

While other civilizations, as technology and capacity to explore new worlds,came have so many wars. A civilization of Pleiades is the most outstanding in military power.

This weapon is already outdated for our times, but all pleyadian apparatuses was based on a clean and renewable energy font, still unknown to terrans.

The Pleiades are a group of stars in the Taurus constellation located approximately 440 (ly)...More than 300 stars form Pleiades conglomerate, but in “eye” from Earth can see only seven stars.
Found in the Taurus constellation the Aldebaran star, or "Bull's Eye", the Hyades and the Crab Nebula.
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