Horas Picture

Name: Horas [Whore-us]

Age: 17

Likes: Egyptian mythology (Mainly sex ;3) , smoking, drinking, listening to music, rocking out on the dance-floor, having different chicks each night

Dislikes: Dyke and Usui, being told what to do, bad fashion taste, the color blue

Bio: He came from Egypt, being new to America, then he became influenced by Rainbow Mite, being the idiotic womanizer he is, and was then introduced to the world of sex. Yes, sex. His family is unknown, though he does have a pet eagle he always puts in a cage with. Horas is sometimes pronounced Horus. So you might guess where the name came from. He is a useful member in the group ;
The Channels. He is most useful with the weaponry and has a great knowledge about languages and their cultures.

Simply put, hes a geek. A hot geek e u e

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