Callidora Charactersketch Picture

Chris: the first protagonist of the greek mythology inspired story, I am thinking about at the moment

story in progress= Her father is one of apollons demi-god sons and her mother one of Artemis Nymphs. However, Artemis was not very fond of one of her nymphs leaving her side (just remember Kallisto) and confronted her friend to come back to her side. However, the nymph refused, because she was in love and wanted to have a life of a normal woman. And since she and her husband were under apollons protection artemis just couldn´t kill her the same way she did with callisto.
Artemis was angry and cursed the nymph, so she would never fullfill her role as „normal woman“ and therfor never fullfil the roll of a wife to her husband.
All children she gave birth too soon died after birth and could never been hier to their father and mother.
Apollons son contacted his father, outraged about what his wife had to go through, because of Artemis revenge and Apollon held his protective hand over the birth of the next child.
Because of this artemis gave in a little and allowed the next child to survive. It was a litte girl but to ugly and crippeled, that she could never be married and therfor also can´t be heir to her parents. It had been a trick of artemis, who still was angry with her nymph.

What had been a dispute between artemis and the nymph became after this a clash of apollon and artemis, because apollon had seriously better to do than taking care of his many children and was really annoyed about this child always asking for help because of his fathers twinsister. He confronted artemis, who was even more annoyed because of the intervention of her brother and soon started a cat and mouse game, whenever artemis send out a plague towards the nymph and her husband apollon send a antagonist against her plague.
It „ended“ when Artemis send one of her huntingdogs torturing the villagers of the village the Callidoras family was living in and Apollon made sure to send the Boreads to the place to slay the dog. Mostly because he himself was to lazy to take care himself and the Boreads wanted to comit a heroic feat, to proof themselfs worthy to accompany Jason on his quest.
However at the same time my little Callidora decided to get rid of the dog by herself and teamed up with the Boreads after some quarrels and together they managed to defeat the dog.
Apollon, all the time actually very annoyed, was suddenly very interested by the sudden turn of the events and that his grandchild, who was not only very ugly and crippeled and nothing more than a normal human, suddenly become a active part in the cat and mouse game. He noticed that his sister had grown a very small soft spot for Callidora, because her hate was for the mother and not the child, who had nothing to do with the whole conflict and she always heard the girls prayers and her amazment for the moon, that was after all artemis. Because the moon was like her, full of ugly marks but still beautiful. And artemis was a little flattered by that girls thought of the moon, thats why she didn´t kill her simply.

Apollon used that very little soft spot and set up a bet.
He made a bet with artemis that if Callidora and the boreads manage to get one of Heras golden apples in the garden of the hesperides, artemis would stop bothering the nymph and her husband and let them have a normal peaceful life. However, during that year both of them could put hindrances into the way of the group or helps, but both of them were not allowed to take aktive part

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